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We help those who need to talk we also help people who are going through rough times ex bullying, abuse depression, mental health and more
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Welcome to the Highway to Help Server, we are a community of people who struggle with mental illness in its many shapes and forms dedicated to emotionally and mentally supporting each other. If you are having a crisis and need some one to talk to fast please don’t hesitate to open a ticket, our staff will try to be there for you as fast as possible. All are welcome as long as kindness and mutual respect is given, we aim to be free of judgement and are happy to listen to each others problems no matter how small or big they may seam. Dealing with mental illness is never easy and we know it can be hard to speak up and be proactive in coping with our various situations. This makes having a easy to access safe space of like-minded individuals who are willing to listen an essential part of a larger support system, friends and families will often not understand and getting medical help can be hard to find for various reasons. That’s why we aim to network additional support in any way we can and hope to make some friends along the way through casual chats about gaming, movies and other hobbies/interests. We are currently still expanding our server and its features so please feel free to give suggestions and participate in any way.