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A nightcore based YouTube Music Station!

Immekun is a nightcore channel uploading and promoting all kind of electronic music.
Keep in mind that by joining this server you agree and are obligated to follow the rules, that includes the Discord TOS.

  1. No harassment
    Please be respectful to others.

  2. No spam
    We have a specific channel for that, please use it.
    2a. Do not spam the emotes or the same word in a short span of time, this includes spam pinging in ANY channel and it is considered spam after the 3rd emote/text.

  3. No self advertisement
    Any kind of self advertisement in the general chat or through DMs of members in the server will lead to an instant ban, that includes Discord Server invites.

  4. Use the respective channels
    We have all kind of channels for all kind of conversations, please use them.

  5. No drama
    Keep your discussions via DMs, if you have an issue with any other member feel free to contact the staff and they will try to solve it.

  6. The primary language is English
    Please try to keep conversations in English in the main channels, otherwise we have #non_english_chat for conversations in languages other than English.

  7. No NSFW Content
    Please keep the chat free of NSFW, gore, suicide and self-harm, pornography, racism and nudity which can be harmful or too explicit for some people, this includes profile pictures.

  8. No selfbots & third party plugins
    They’re not allowed and their use is strictly prohibited.

  9. No alternate accounts.
    We only allow one account per user on this server. Any alt account will be banned immediately and the person will receive a warning.

  10. Pictures and Gifs
    Please only send pictures and gif images if it’s topic related, please do not send them to the main chat.

  11. Respect the Staff
    The staff is here to help everyone when it’s needed and make sure everyone follows the rules. Do not disrespect or argue with them.


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