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Server for hack gameplay and Pokemon go hack iPogo/SpooferX, pokémon shield/sword and ACNH!

There are 6 sysbots:
Raymond - ACHN sysbot,
Item spawn Bot (Magical Doctor) - ACNH sysbot
Jahminique-bot - ACNH sysbot
Scorbunny - Pokémon Sysbot,
Scorbunny (Miku Type M) - Pokémon Sysbot 24/7
BettyBot - Pokémon Sysbot 24/7
(Must react roles to get access to bot)
Welcome to subscribe and like our YouTube channel!! We will upload videos for hacking apps: https://youtube.com/channel/UC0-GhjDuR65BvbpbVdGHYOg

In our server we have hacking help channel to help any hacking apps or Pokémon go hack. Welcome to use commands “!!howtoipogo” or “!!howtospooferx for Pokémon go hack.
More information please join our server!

In this server, we have sysbot, pokemon hacking help bot and more!!
We have 3 Pokemon sysbot and 3 animal Crossing sysbot (must react sybot access roles to use) Welcome to use them!!
If you want to suggest me to play or teach how to install hacking apps, please join our Discord server.


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