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A safe space for LGBTQIA+ Community members, including Allies and Questioning people! Show your Pride!

Are you a queer person who is looking for an LGBTQ+ Hangout server?
Are you an Ally who searches for a queer server, but feels left out on many?
Are you still questioning and want to be on a server where most people are questioning too?
Or are you maybe a person who knows what Sexuality you have, but it isn’t available on many servers?
Then search no longer!
What we provide:

Talk to other persons from the LGBTQIA+ Community
everyone is supportive and friendly
have fun with a lot of bots, even a Pride Bot
reaction roles
chat with people of the same Sexuality in the specific channel
We have more categories like Anime, Fandoms, and Art
A meme channel
Loads of Sexuality roles
Server levels
Self Advertising channel, but if we notice that you only use this server for advertising, then we won’t hestitate to ban you
sometimes Mod applications
level one nitro
UnbelievaBoat bot coins giveaways


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