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Welcome to LukeCityRP official discord server! We are an unique city roleplay server project for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

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β–· What is LukeCityRP?
We are an unique Minecraft: Bedrock Edition under development city roleplay server! All of our features will be done using addons and command blocks, we won’t use any plugins!

β–· What do we offer in our discord server?
● Unique and fun events with prizes!
● Game bots and entertainment channels!
● Quality music bot for everyone!
● Fair moderation!
● Friendly community and staff!
● Much more!

β–· What will we offer in-game? (New server/WIP)
● Drivable vehicles with fuel system!
● Hospital and realistic death system!
● Fully functional and realistic jobs!
● Customizable plots and apartments!
● Detailed city map!
● More to be announced soon!

Before joining, please keep in mind the server is still under development and not ready to be played yet. We don’t have a release date at the moment.


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