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Thanks for joining, this is Nearly Connor's server. We try to have a really good time on this server and only spread good vibes <3
                                                        The Nearly Club

Sometimes life during this quarantine can get really boring, I for one should understand this. I’ve pretty much been playing a ton of Minecraft and I’ve had a ton of fun with all of my friends! I really feel for the people who are depressed right now because of the quarantine, so I’ve created this discord server! It’s full of a variety of people who all just want to have a good time. If you’re looking for a community that is friendly and accepting, join ours! We already have almost 200 members and it’s truly been such a blast growing this discord server. I’ve met so many good friends from it and it’s really helped me through some tough times in my life. Hope to see you soon! (link is below)

This we can offer:

  • Tons of hypixel skyblock giveaways (Multiple flash giveaways and big giveaways every few weeks)
  • A friendly mainly hypixel focused community
  • Events
  • Many bots including my favorite the counting bot
  • An overall fun time

People to talk to if you really need something;

  • IOwO (Connor)
  • RosePetal934 (Rose)
  • Inversine
  • Timtomboing (Tim)

My (Rose) dms are always open if you really need something!

Link: https://discord.gg/s6FNruWxR7


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