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                              ▐  Welcome to OpFor Gaming.  ▌

▐ OpFor Gaming aims at bringing both a relaxing and exciting experience to your everyday gaming life. ▌

▐ The aim is to give you something, or someone to look forward to during the day. Especially in 2021. ▌

▐ As the community grows, so forth shall its Events, Contests, and Giveaways continue within Discord. ▌

              ▐  Become a member and benefit from the features listed below:  ▌

✔ Everyone is welcome.

✔ Designated 18+ Channels.

✔ Role-Specific chat’s, based on both Games and Hobbies.

✔ Advertise your own Twitch Stream in our Announcements.

✔ Direct access to the latest game news via Reddit & Twitter.

✔ Events and Tournaments with prizes/nitro to be won.

✔ Create Your Own Party.

✔ Premium Bot Support

           ▐  Events and Nitro Giveaways hosted regularly throughout the Discord.  ▌

▐ Come Say Hello! ▌



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