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Welcome to the Order of the Arcanugdralian Knights, here you can chat about things you like and meet new people!

Hi People! Welcome to the Order of Arcanugdralian Knights! It is a nice, warm and comfy place for you that want to meet with new friends and chat with them.
Our server have a medieval thematic, based in the medieval rpgs.
We have a general castle, for you that returned of a battle and want to chat with us.
We have a art’s palace for you, bards and artists, that want to share your artworks with us.
We have a set of nice emojis too, for us to be memey lol
And we have rpg-based roles, for you that want to have a taste of rpg classes. You just have to choose your class at #classes channel, and when you reach the level 50 (yeah we have level up system lol), you will be promoted to a higher class, like in some rpgs, but after this, you will be able to choose another class and try to promote it at level 100, and then you will be able to mix these classes and be a new original class.
We are always open to suggestions to improve our server.
Make yourself at home.


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