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Hellooo and welcome! This is a gaming community server! This is the perfect place to meet new gamers and chat about what you like!

We offer:

šŸ©ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.Booster perks!
šŸ°ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.Levelling system!
šŸ§ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.A variety of bots!
šŸ„§ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.Colour/Self roles!
šŸ„žā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.Awesome emojis!
šŸŖā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”. friendly environment!
šŸŽ‚ā€§ā‚ŠĖšāœ©å½”.Open to more partnerships!

We hope to see you stop by and take a look around :)


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