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A Pokétwo community where you can make friends, do battles, and overall, have fun!

Welcome to Pokétwo, a friendly Pokétwo community!
Right now you are looking at Pokéworld the friendly Pokétwo community where you can discuss your favourite thing in the world - Pokémon!

Rules & Guidelines:
To make Pokéworld the friendly, safe community we all strive for it to be,
we’ll need you to help out by abiding by these rules!

  • Do not spam invites, links, messages, mentions, etc.
  • Do not try to avoid mutes; your punishment will only get worse
  • Do not send any NSFW images, files, or content whatsoever
  • Do not disrespect staff; they are there to help you
  • Do not say something that you know may incite an argument

However, please note that:

If you don’t feel comfortable with any of these rules, you may open a modmail ticket
and a member of staff will be with you shortly


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