Logo for Pulkeet Gaming server

Pulkeet Gaming server

1 upvotes in October
Chat ,invite members and get roles and promotion and we have all games and we accept suggestions from people to improve our server

Our server is on lvl 1
Hey Friends
I’m Pulkeet
Join my server Pulkeet Gaming
And pls boost our server
Here u have :
When u join the server it will automatically will give u two roles everyone and silver member
starAnnouncement: here u will get all updates on the server .
starChat zone:You can chat with other people
starSelf role:Here you can take roles by reacting the icon
starGamers:Here u will get all information about gaming
starSelf advertising:You can also advertise on my server
starcomplaint area : here if u have any issue so u can tell in that channel if not resolved so u can go tell to the owner
starRules and regulations : here I’ll update all rules and regulations of my server
starMemes:here u can use pls meme command to dank memer so he could meme
starGames:play shoob bot card ,akinator who will do prediction,among us code and rest games are getting added
starCheck level : by this u can use level check command
starBot command it will tell about wht happened like who got warn etc
starVoice channel
starSongs vc
starAFK VC
And pls pls boost our server
Support us pray
Thank You