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This Server In Information Server : Relax-Bot Is A Music Bot That Is Made By The Best Devlopers And Its For Discord Members To Have Fun And

Command List

Help Command // Description

?help Sended Embed Music Command

General Command // Description

?server | Info Server

?bot | Info Bot

?id | Info Id

?invite | Get Invite Link For Bot

?invites | Show All Invites In Servers In {user}

?system Time | Makeing Bot

Music Commands // Description

?Play & ?p | Plays The Track Usage: ?Play [Title] [link]

?Stop & ?Sp | Stop Music

?Skip & ?s | Skips The Track Or Entered Amount Of Tracks

?clear-queue & ?cq | You Member Removed Queue & The Queue Has Just Been Removed

?Pause & ?pa | Pauses The Track

?Resumes & ?re | Resumes The Track

?Volume & ?vo | Change The Volume With Max Of 100 & Usage: ?Volume [Number]

?loop | Repeat mode

?NowPlaying & ?np | Get Current Track

?w-filters & ?wf | Get Current Track

?shuffle & ?sh | Queue Shuffled

?ping | Show Ping & Ms




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