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✨ Roblox Lounge !!

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Hello welcome to Roblox Lounge !! You will wait for 10 minutes until you can verify, after you have access to almost all of the channels.

Hello welcome to Roblox Lounge! We are a growing community server and focuses mainly on roblox (but we have an off topic channel to talk about other games). heres what we have:

~SFW Community
~Anti bully and racism server
~Studio to show your work to people in the server
~Verification (wait for 10 minutes to verify)
~Strict rules and moderation to achieve server peace
~Seasonal events
~Color roles
~Theme is cozy core aesthetic
~An off topic channel for other games
~Fun bots
~A WIP (work in progress) server
~A channel to advertise in
~The main language is English (but we have a channel if you want to speak in other languages)
~Reaction roles
~Levelling system (you can get roles from levelling up)
~A currency
~Music channels (so you can listen to music)
~and more!

Join the group you will not regret this
Also if you are very lucky you might be a milestone user
Heres the link in joining:


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