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==========Welcome To SansVeryCoolServer==========

==========Welcome To SansVeryCoolServer==========

This is SansVeryCoolServer all we do here is Chat,Hangout and Other stuff Papyrus is also here! (still waiting for some body to be frisk btw) There is Youtube cinema a voice channel which i mute my self and share my screen and play what ever you want to watch on youtube Then there is Undertale radio ask Rythm to play music by saying !play megalovania for example (say that only in undertale radio music selector channel) Skelebros voice chat where me and papyrus hangout and talk join if you like NSFW channel you can post sick disgusting stuff ONLY IN NSFW if i see anybody doing it in other chats like General chat and stuff they will get banned You can Swear As long as you do not be racist if you do you will have a permenant ban More info in rules channel hope you have a great time


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