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Join the Shard Rock Cafe Discord server for a fun, creative, and supportive community of meth users. Invite link and 1.39k members.
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The Shard Rock Cafe Discord server has 291 online members and 0 upvotes. Shard Rock Cafe is a Community Discord Server.

Shard Rock Cafe 18+ Discord Server Described

: Harm reduction community with a variety of channels and bots and things to do! Non-judgmental people with a good sense of humor.

Welcome to The Shard Rock Cafe, a community for people who like to safely and socially indulge in methamphetamine. We are focused on harm-reduction and education, but also on providing a sense of community for those of us who may feel isolated in their use, or simply looking for somewhere they can be themselves.

We try to keep things fairly humor-oriented and don’t take too many things seriously (outside of harm-reduction, of course). While we try to keep it all witty at the very least, the humor may still get a bit offensive at times, so this server is not for the thin-skinned. While we are accepting of everyone, we are extra accepting of all users who are able to laugh at others as well as themselves.

That said, we do have a few channels for serious writing, debates, and works of art. We strive for creativity and the sharing of original artistic content in all of it’s mediums. We regularly hold monthly contests. Usually either in one of these various artistic mediums every other month, with other contests like cloud comps for the months in between. All usually with a cash prize.

Come stave off your existential dread by checking out the funnest meth server in existence.

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