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Skelly's World

22 upvotes in October
In this server, we are a small group of Minecraft, Animations and Among Us fans. We have Music to listen to, Games to play, Exciting events to participate in, Counting and many more.

✓ Skelly’s World- A good community server.

✓ A small and chill community where we chill chat and something play games together.

✓ Giveways and Events.

✓ Among us and Minecraft gaming community

✓ Leveling role rewards with Invites role rewards.

✓ A great place to post your creations to get feedback.

✓ Fun bots such as Dank memer, RPG, GamesROB and many more.

✓ You may give suggestions for the server.

✓ Awesome members with awesome bots

✓ join our chill server to see more fun bots.

✓ Roleplay, currency, leveling roles and rewards.

And this server is completely SFW, kid friendly, has fair rules, and an active staff.