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Party server with Dank Memer Premium and tons of gamer roles! ~ACTIVE MEMBERS~

Here at Smirk Studios, it’s all about the community! We have been making new users into confident developers since we started in March 2020, and it’s growing faster every day! Come see why Smirk Squad is the fastest growing creative Discord community.

We’ve got a few features you may want to check out, including OcelotBOT PREMIUM!

Here’s what we’ve got for you:

MINECRAFT & GTA V servers!*



Premium OcelotBOT Server

Choose a Pokemon with Myuu!

Multiple music bots!

Spam channels


-and SO MUCH MORE!!!

This server is PERFECT for streamers who are looking to find a Discord community but haven’t yet learned all the ins and outs of the app. Let Smirk Squad be your guide to SUCCESS!

Join today and get help from our tech wizards in the TECH TALK channel, and find players for YOUR GAME in the GAMING section!

Do you play Splitgate: Arena Warfare? How about a different obscure game that nobody has heard of? Maybe you’re a game developer trying to get your game out to more players?

Well? You’re finally HOME. Join today!


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