⭐Unlike most industries, streaming isn't a cutthroat trade ⭐ It's a beautiful thing to share a community ⭐

⭐Unlike most industries, streaming isn’t a cutthroat trade ⭐ It’s a beautiful thing to share a community ⭐ We encourage others with support and love ⭐ We raid others when we are done streaming ⭐ We lurk to help them with numbers ⭐ We give them our free time and show that their hard work is not for nothing ⭐ That’s what this server is about; growing together as a streamer ⭐ Networking! ⭐

Dank🐸Memer is on the server with a dedicated #channel - The server is a Premium 🐸Dank server with robbing, heisting, and stealing turned off - So, you can feel safe to gamble and play with your currency in our server with extra multiplier’s and not worry about being robbed or sniped <3 With dank memer premium server integraded, you are able to receive pls weekly and pls monthly, as well as have an extra multiplier added to your account when you gamble.