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Mystic・Spectral Realm・Nitro

202 upvotes in May
From this server, you can make many new friends, use bots, enjoy nitro giveaways and bot giveaways! Thank You for joining!

Spectral Realm

➺ 😀 One of the Fastest growing community servers
➺ 🎭 Very active general chat
➺ 🤝🏻 No toxicity or Nsfw
➺ 🤼‍♂️ Channels for every type of people
➺ 🎓Helpful and welcoming staff

🎮 ➺ What we provide you with

Gaming category
All bots category
≻ Daily giveaways based on bots and nitro

🐸 Dank Memer Zone

≻ Daily Dank Memer giveaways
≻ Daily Dank Memer heists
≻ Dank Memer donation perks
≻ One of the best dank memer servers out there!

🪄 OwO Zone

≻ Daily OwO giveaways
≻ Many channels for grinding!

🌎 Deriver and Poke Zone

≻ Daily giveaways!
≻ Many channels for grinding

🤶 Other bots and info

≻ We provide many channels to grind
≻ We have all types of perks for every type of donation
≻ Best booster perks
And at the end, one of the most active communities out there!

🎊 Join us at https://discord.gg/2E72pBk !


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