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Welcome to Strawberrys community server ! We have a active community and big islands giveaways / invite rewards! Sub to strawberry šŸ˜Ž

{Strawberries Discord server} (THE RICHEST PLAYER ON ISLANDS)
We are a discord server based on the roblox game islands (formerly skyblox)
We have tons of giveaways, and invite rewards
invite rewards
šŸ‘‰ Refineries
šŸ‘‰ Smelters
šŸ‘‰ Rage blades

level rewards
šŸ‘‰ RB trophies
šŸ‘‰ PVP trophies
šŸ‘‰ Refineries

We also hold tons and i mean tons of giveaways including:
šŸ‘‰ Smelters
šŸ‘‰ Robux
šŸ‘‰ Cactus spikes and seeds

we also open MOD applications every once in a while

And if you think we are running out of stock? Think again! we are talking about the richest player with hundreds of billions of coins and tens of thousands of items.

So what are you waiting for? Join this server now and you wont regret it!




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