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  1. English-only community
    We are an english-speaking server and we do not support external languages here, please use a translator if it’s in the need.

  2. NSFW / NSFL
    This server is family-friendly. NSFW of any form and NSFL of anything is at a zero tolerance.

  3. Trolling / Racism
    Use common sense, avoid using racial slurs or discriminatory content.

  4. Mentions
    Random and spam mentions are not allowed. If you’re using bots, make sure not to mention anyone in commands, use their UID or username.

  5. Illegal activity
    Please do not promote illegal activity or seek for attention, we try to be as friendly as we can so make sure to be a nice member.

  6. Content
    Use each content in its appropriate channel, do not misuse them.

  7. ToS / CG
    We follow the Discord Terms of Service and Community guidelines. Please head over to https://discordapp.com/tos and https://discordapp.com/guidelines

  8. Money Machine
    Do not use Money Machine in a different channel. Only use it in the money machine channel. And cant refund money you have lost

:grey_exclamation:You will get muted/kicked if you don’t follow any of the rules from above. Three warnings lead to a ban




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