A growing and unique server meant for gaming at its funnest!

[Topic]: This new discord server is about the entertainment of the community as events are hosted and chats gain activity as the member count grows!

[Community]: The community here may be expected to be diverse with a wide range of interests which imposes many opportunities.

[Owner]: I am the owner of this server, who goes by โ€œAppleโ€ and primarily speaks English.


-A resources channel containing links to applications related to the server!
-Rules are taken seriously, ensuring a friendly community!
-A bulletin that is expected to be used frequently for many upcoming updates and events!
-Interesting polls that are posted daily to get an idea of the likings of the community!
-Patch Notes for popular games are soon to be present!
-If the community grows enough, which will require the help of you, giveaways will be hosted!
-Content such as YouTube videos and Twitch streams will soon take place!
-A wide range of text channels, from lounging to creations!
-Many voice channel opportunities, such as gaming and streaming!
-A channel specifically used for bot commands.

[Socials]: There is a channel for the linking and discussions of all sorts of social media platforms!


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