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Welcome! we really appreciate you joining this server ,thank you very much for joining and invite your friends!!

Lol don’t just stand there join! It has dragon ball z, boruto and naruto ,and my hero academia emotes and emojis!! (also it’s always dead so i would appreciate it if you at least send a message there but not pinging everyone😂also majority of my members love anime and we play roblox games like: roblox piggy, sorcerer fighting simulator,driving empire and jailbreak (and a little bit of anime fighting simulator because the quests are getting hard) so join the server 😀 AAANNNDD 1 more thing there’s an extremely kind owner called 👾DaRealRobloxOofmin👾#9408 who worked extremely hard to grow his best friend’s server and his too!! So thanks you for reading this message and don’t forget to upvote this server and join it!!


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