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Hello! We are the N00B foundation. We host giveaways and play with our members most of the time. Enjoy your stay here :D



In a far away forest, where theres no city. Somewhere inside the forest, we made a connect with overworld, our outpost is working!!!

Welcome to The Noob Outpost !!! We are a community server full of all types of gamers! Feel free to come here and chill out! It’s a secure server, gaming VCs and text channels so you can have fun playing and chatting with people. It is well prepared with every necessary bot and channels for a server, and in general, it is a fun growing server.


We also play games such as Rocket League, Rainbow 6, Fortnite, Call Of Duty, Among Us and much more!!!
We’re currently looking for ACTIVE members!


『😝』We have friendly staffs
『🎊』Games giveaway!! Nitro soon ?!?!
『🔪』Events, Gamesday and fun activities!
『🤖』Lots of bots, like Dank Memer, Groovy and more!
『👥』Active and helpful staff!
『🌍』Community channels such as a starboard, Level and more!!!
『💯』Level 1 boosted, for some epic perks!
『🌈』Lots of emojis, normal emojis + animated emojis, all cool!
『🥀』Happy to partner with other servers!
『🎵』Music vcs, to listen to musics!
『👑』Advertising channel and LEVEL SYSTEM!

Join and have fun, chilling with the forest with your gaming setup!!

Thank you!
The Noob Outpost