Welcome to The Placeholder Name Server! If you feel bored and want to socialize with people, this is a very good place to join!

**Seeking a place to:
<a:cb_arrow1:739106068344340521> Share your thoughts,
<a:cb_arrow2:739041706552328244> Make some friends,
<a:cb_arrow1:739106068344340521> Have cherishable memories for your life,
or just:
<a:cb_arrow2:739041706552328244> Frustrated at the lack of non-toxic RWBY servers? Then <:Pointland:468866516637712384> The Placeholder Name™️ <:AmazonPoint:489772970722721792> is the right place for you! **

➣ We are a community server with a theme of anime and RWBY. <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ 30+ channels to talk about ur favourite topics. Ranging from cats <a:catJAM:787164451912024084> and dogs<:cheems:742186090399531159> to memes <:pogs:788290981568970773> and photography 🖼️! <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ We only have a retention rate of 40%, please help us improve it!

➣ We have a interactive and growing community. <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ Weekly VCs for you to talk about your favorite topics and have fun! <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ We are also LGBT+ and disability friendly and very welcoming. 🏳️‍🌈 <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ We have a music player bot <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>

➣ Everyone is free to join <:RoonPoint:588629691741765632>
Our community is looking forward to your arrival!


31 Online 107 Members