do you want to join our server? yes you do, stop lying 🤪

hello! we are a small but friendly server that is looking for active members! we play a multitude of games including Among Us, Genshin Impact, Jackbox Party Packs, and much more :)

we offer:
💬 - a fun place to socialize!
😂 - memes!
🎵 - music!
💖 - reaction roles!
🥀 - a vent channel!
🎮 - daily gaming sessions!
🎉 - fun bots! (Dank Memer, IdleRPG, Mudae, PokeTwo, Counting Bot)
🇯🇵 - an anime channel where you can interact with your fellow weebs!
🙌 - partnership!

you’ve read this far, so why not join already? i’d appreciate if you did!


53 Online 193 Members