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The Tiger's Journey, and it could be yours too! The goal is the journey, no destination involved. Never feel excluded, share experiences and grow together as we strive to make everlasting b
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Welcome to The Tiger’s Journey, and it could be yours too! The goal is the journey, no destination involved. Whatever trip we’re on in life we can be on it together! This IS an 18+ server and those under will be removed. It’s for adults only (but we do have an NSFW section) but that ISN’T the focus! The focus is to laugh, joke, interact, make friends and become closer as something akin to a family ❤️ No toxic, racist, homophobic, religion, etc.

Being an adult and finding friends is one of the most difficult things in life… but that’s what I hope to achieve through this. I want a place people can chat, interact and just be themselves. We have channels for video games, anime, pictures, pet pics, memes, venting, question of the day and many more! If this sounds right for you, go ahead and join! What do you have to lose!

🎉-Things this server offers-🎉

❗An active chat: usually someone always around❗
❗Self Assignable roles❗
❗Funs bots for games & music (Dyno, Hydra, Mudae, OwO, Ser Aymeric (FFXIV), Truth or Dare (PG and 18+), Birthday announcements)❗
❗Eventually and hopefully boosted server for more emotes & stickers❗
❗Server boosters get a custom role above bots but just below mods that comes with a custom role icon next to their name❗
❗NSFW content with a role to see those channels or not❗

Note: I am a Twitch streamer but that is NOT the focus of this server either AND I have a role to enable announcements or not! That’s a personal thing of mine to play my 750+ games and you DON’T need to be a part of that if you don’t want to!