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1 upvotes in March
The ULTIMATE GAMING Discord server has 103 online members and 1 upvotes. ULTIMATE GAMING is a Fortnite Discord Server.

ULTIMATE GAMING Discord Server Described

: Our discord server is about gaming, mainly Fortnite and GTA5. Everyone is welcome to join and encouraged to make some new friends.

Staff and Members
-We are a very organised server which has daily staff online every day!
-Our staff will be very respectful and helpful to anyone in need. They love to help around the server.
-The Owners and Co-Owners work on updating and making the server more different and interesting for others to enjoy very often!
-The admins, head moderators, moderators, and the trials work on making sure nothing toxic happens in the text channels.
-Our members are a very nice, funny, quirky bunch of people! Even though we are not a big server we are a family here!

Our Main Text Chats
-We offer lots of different channels to talk and explore in! This includes:
-General, spam, self-promotions, Dark-Memer, Fortnite, Gta5 and many more.

Fortnite Save The World
-STW-General-Chat is our general where gamers can come together and talk about a game, they love to play, make friends, and learn more about each other.
-Trade Chat where Save the world ultimate gamers can trade with other 100% legit traders. (Scamming is a no-go if it happens make sure you got video proof and the scammer will be given a scammer role).
-All Missions Help is where any person that needs help with anything is Fortnite STW can come here and ask for it. Our community is very helpful and will gladly help.
-Building Chat is where Gamers will build for prices and you pay for it. When you pay for it you should always remember to never pay all at once pay bit by bit while they are building to fully make sure you don’t get scammed.
-Price Chat will tell you the ratios of items paying for other items. (These are 100% legit and up to date).
-Scammers List will have a list of scammers who scammed with video proof.
-Crafters is where end-game players or anyone who crafts good items can sell for THEIR ratios and prices.

Fortnite Battle Royale
-Item shop updates
-Fortnite challenges updates to show you what there is to do.
-Battle Royale News to be kept up to date with what is going on with everything.
-Find a Team if you are lonely and want some friends to play the game with Find a Team will help you dramatically.

-Car Shows are for people who want to host car shows or people who want to join them and show off their different and awesome looking cars! (Bullying and saying people’s cars are ugly is a no-go).
-Car Trading is for people who love to trade their quirky and good-looking cars for other quirky and good-looking cars! If you like moddeds and want them, just come, and trade for them!
-Sales Help is for people who need help with their selling for the businesses or heists.
-GTA5 Updates will show all the latest updates for bugs and glitches.

-Quick Giveaways are small giveaways but last max only a couple hours.
-Long Giveaways are bug giveaways but last up to 2 weeks pretty much.
-Sponsored Giveaways are giveaways from sponsors of the server.


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