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A little small server where you can relax at!

A server where you can chill or probably relax at!
Before Joining here are the rules

  1. No NSFW This server is a child friendly server meaning we don’t tolerate NSFW here.
  2. No Harassment No Harassment.
  3. No Pinging Any Mods, Admins or Owners If it’s urgent just create a ticket in #🤖┃all-bots
  4. No Racism We don’t tolerate that here, please treat everyone the same.
  5. Don’t Create Drama No drama here please.
  6. No Spamming Please don’t spam in any other channels except for #💀┃spam
  7. Don’t Ping @everyone or @here I know I just did that but don’t do that
  8. Don’t Be Rude Or Be Toxic Please treat everyone with kindness here.
  9. Don’t Take Swearing too far You may swear but don’t take it too far.
  10. No Alts! Well… Just don’t especially to those users who are banned here.
  11. No Scamming!!! No scamming here.
  12. No Begging For Roles Roles are for you to earn it yourselves.
  13. No Revealing Personal Information Just to be safe.


30 Online 45 Members