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A server dedicated to witchcraft, newbies and people who are just interested are very welcome!


As the name leaves to suggest, this server is dedicated to witchcraft and witchcraft related topics such as astrology or tarot. It is mainly intended for people who are new to witchcraft, or who just casually enjoy it, but experienced witches, or people who aren’t witches at all but interested nonetheless are of course welcome as well. The server was made public the 23/12/2020

We offer:
◘ A secure verification system in order not to bother normal users with raiders, trolls and spammers
◘ A diverse yet compact list of channels about various topics
◘ Just enough bots to entertain and not annoy you
◘ “How to” channels, giving information on spells, ingredients and more!
◘ Lessons, hosted by the staff, or upon request also by normal members.
◘ A LGBTQ+ and POC friendly atmosphere.
◘ Staff who only discriminate against discrimination.
◘ A suggestion channel so that everyone can have a say on what happens on the server
◘ A comprehensible yet detailed levelling system

The servers previous owner, Sofie, would like to remind you that, and I quote, “if you’re a known asshole you’re not allowed”.


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