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1947 by Team Elite Kerala Alliance is a clash of clans fan-made bot.
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1947 is a clash of clans fan-made bot by Team Elite Kerala Alliance. It has the following key features:-

  • Moderation:- Kick, Add Role, Ban, Unban
  • Clash Of Clans:- Search Clan, Search Player, Announce attacks, Tell Remarks on each attack, Print war log, Player Recruitment, Roster Maker, Lineup suggestion based on previous wars
  • Users:- Automatic Birthday Announcement, Levelling, Info About Account Creation, Display Avatar of a user, Tells if it is a legitimate user.

What is the prefix of 1947 Bot ?

You can invoke 1947 BOT by mentioning him in the channels where he has access to. @1947 (Mention him) followed by a single space (A single space will be automatically added by discord when you mention something, you need not add it explicitly.)
You can also set up a BOT Channel and tell the bot to listen to that channel by executing @1947 setup #mentionChannel. This way the BOT will listen to commands without mentioning him in the dedicated channel setup up by you. You will need to mention him to work on other channels he has access to.

See, It is as simple as that!

How to add 1947 Bot ?
Use this Link

Adding bot to a server

What permissions do 1947 required ?

Currently, it requires the following permissions

  • Read Message
  • Write Message
  • Manage Role
  • Manage Channel
  • Manage Server
  • Add Reaction
  • Remove Reaction

What is the first step after adding the 1947 BOT ?

Well, the first step is to set up a dedicated channel for the BOT to respond to commands. So that you will never have to talk about the bot in that channel for it to respond.

@1947 setup #MentionChannel

If you have trouble in understanding

@1947 help

please note help command is case sensitive. you will need only one space after tagging the bot. Like this - @1947 help.

Adding bot to a server

If you found this BOT useful considering giving us a vote and a feedback


War Log

War Log

Upcoming Features

  • We are training a Machine Learning Model to predict the best players, forecasted score, and winning probability.
Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.