Discord Crypto Bots

Find the best Discord Crypto Bots for your Discord Server, including TIPBOT to Mochi Bot and more!

TIPBOT Discord Bot Banner
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Cryptocurrencies tipping such as BTC, DOGE, LTC, XMR, WRKZ, TRTL, DEGO, UPX, LTHN, WOW, XCH, XDAI, TRX, NANO, BAN, USDT and many more (~ 100+ coins/tokens)
Mochi Bot Discord Bot Banner
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Bring the Web3 universe to your Discord server
Coinz Discord Bot Banner
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A feature-packed discord economy bot with unique features that you haven't seen anywhere else!
wordPractice Discord Bot Banner
wordPractice Discord Bot Logo

Practice your typing and keyboard skills while having fun, compete with typists from around the world.
Oberon Discord Bot Banner
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The biggest gaming Metaverse on Solana.
MEE6 Discord Bot Banner
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The most complete & easy-to-use Discord bot! Advanced auto-moderation, leveling, Twitch and Youtube alerts & much more!
Chewey Bot Discord Bot Banner
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Invite tracking, Web dashboard, Auto Roles, Auto moderation, Multi-purpose
Crypto Monitor Discord Bot Banner
Crypto Monitor Discord Bot Logo

Crypto price alerts for over 100 exchanges and trading pairs combined with email alerts all free of charge
Retr0n Discord Bot Banner
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Retr0n is a security-based Discord API bot developed by SeismicCore to keep your guild safe! Its feature-rich commands will keep your server from having fifteen bots to only one!
Provably Fair Bot Discord Bot Banner
Provably Fair Bot Discord Bot Logo

A casino game bot that caries out provably fair games with guild specific currencies.
Cyber Discord Bot Banner
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A never seen before bot for financial charting. TradingLite Heatmaps.
AD's - Bot Discord Bot Banner
AD's - Bot Discord Bot Logo

This is only a AD's Bot | You can earn real money with this Bot
TriBot Discord Bot Banner
TriBot Discord Bot Logo

Crypto  Fun 
TriBot allow you to Moderate your server, add useful commands like giveaway, and a unique game that is currently WIP.
Stock Market Discord Bot Banner
Stock Market Discord Bot Logo

Trading on the stock market with fake money! (Support cryptocurrencies)
Aztec Discord Bot Banner
Aztec Discord Bot Logo

A very universal bot. Anime, dev commands, moderation, fun commands, music and more
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