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Invite Seven Bot to your server and enjoy its multipurpose commands, efficient moderation, giveaways, memes, 8ball, rps, tictactoe and hangman. Discord Bot.

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24 Seven Discord Bot Described:

Multipurpose bot | Efficient Moderation | Giveaways | Memes | 8Ball | RPS | TicTacToe | Hangman & more fun commands | Weather | Easy to use


Before, you needed a lot of managers and staff to handle your server but now 24 Seven Bot is here to lower your problems and help you handle your server hassle free with efficient moderation commands and also keep you entertained.

24 Seven Bot is similar to other bots but it is much more efficient at tasks. It has been developed to provide solutions to your problem without needing large number of bots.


Well is spamming, server raiding, etc. against your server rules? 24 Seven Bot's moderation features will allow moderators or yourself to carry out specified actions including the ability to deleting messages, kicking, temporarily banning the violater, etc…


24 Seven Bot also provides with more commands like nuking the channel and purge commands. Nuke not only deletes the channel but also makes a new one with similar permissions to start fresh. Thus, when the garbage is too much for purge to handle you can simply type s- nuke and see the magic that happens afterwards. Apart from this it also has s- nickname command to change nicknames of your server members or staff team to classify people in sub categories making it easier to browse.


Tired of finding a bot which could conduct giveaways for you properly? No worries! 24 Seven Bot can also host top quality giveaways for you with just one command. It can create, end and even reroll when you become lucky to win your own giveaway! Type s- help and go to page 3 to know how to use the bot for hosting giveaways in your server.


24 Seven Bot also provides fun commands such as ‘meme’, ‘say’, ‘8ball’, ‘tictactoe’ and much more for your server audience to have fun and entertain themselves.


The bot also provides with weather utility feature and can display weather information of any location.


help invite kick ban unban purge nuke nickname meme tictactoe hangman rps 8ball howgay simprate say weather


The bot is coded using Javascript and is hosted 24/7 on a secure cloud connection
Uptime of more than 99.6%


24 Seven Bot is still under development and lot more entertaining features and commands will keep being added. We wont let you down and will keep you glued with the bot “24 Seven”! ;)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add 24 Seven Discord Bot to my server?

You can add 24 Seven to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add 24 Seven Discord Bot' on this page.

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