Icarus #6189

Added: 7 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Created by: Dwight#0101
Prefix: ! (Customizable)

Rated #1 Fortnite VERIFICATION, SCRIMS, Codes, snipes and last 3 bot, Fortnite Stats, Fortnite Drop, HD Music, Countdown, Logging & more!

Fortnite Music Levelling Logging Fun

Icarus is a Discord bot that brings new life to your Discord server, by introducing much-desired features geared towards making your life easier. Some of these features include, but are not limited to: Music, Logging, Levelling, Fortnite Stats, Fortnite Snipes and more!

When you invite the bot to your server, we recommend granting it Administrator permissions, so it can work without issues. Although, you are welcome to change any permissions you like.