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The all-in-one, highly customizable Discord bot. With Announce, Auto-mod, Leveling, Music, Timers, and more! https://3pg.xyz
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3PG - The all-in-one, highly customizable Discord bot.

… now with 25+ customizable commands!
Type .help to get started, or view commands

Music Player

Play Music via Dashboard

Listen to music on Discord and control playback directly from your Dashboard, or with commands.


Earn Levels and Compete with Others

Level up your Discord server, with 3PG’s XP system! Compete with others; 3PG can make your server the best it can be!

Announce Events

Stay Notified of Important Events

Never miss an important event! With 3PG’s announcements, choose from a wide range of events to log.

Command and Message Timers

Automate Tasks, Messages, and More!

Automate any command, in any channel, whenever. With timers, you can schedule commands and messages.

What are you waiting for?

Level up your servers with 3PG!


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