Karu #8417

Added: a year ago
Updated: 10 days ago
Servers: 24.4K
Created by: BulzyKrown#9999
Prefix: //
Users: 724.1K

Karu is a bot with its 70% of the commands focused on the "Role " area. That's not why it means that it serves servers like that, but also that it has commands to shorten links and many other

Fun Utility Social


  • All commands with prefix //
Type Command Use Example
General avatar Show profile picture. //avatar @BulzyKrown#9999
General say Send a message through karu. //say Hello world
General ping Check the latency of a message. //ping
Information uinfo Review a user's information. //uinfo @BulzyKrown#9999
Information sinfo Review server information. //sinfo
Entertainment 8ball (EN) Command 8ball //8ball She's love me?
Entertainment bola8 (ES) Command 8ball //? Ella me amara?
Entertainment hug Send hug a user. //hug @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment pat Send pat a user. //pat @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment kiss Send kiss a user. //kiss @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment slap Send slap a user. //slap @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment kill kill a user. //kill @BulzyKrown#9999
Entertainment pat Send pat a user //pat @BulzyKrown#9999
NSFW hentai Send images/gif hentai. //hentai
NSFW r34 Send images/gif rule34. //r34