Hitomi Manaka #4825

Added: 3 months ago
Updated: 3 days ago
Created by: Tina the Cyclops girl#0064
Prefix: Several prefixes (main is "hi!")

Worst monoeyed bot ever made in the history of bots (but actually nice)

Multipurpose Meme Fun

Hello, I am HitomiBot, a bot that focuses on unique fun and utility commands. I have nice commands like these:

  • hi!gender/sexuality - they show a random gender and sexuality, respectively
  • hi!snipe - reveals the last deleted message on a channel
  • hi!genoauth - generates an invite link for the mentioned bot
  • hi!unshorten - takes a short link and returns the site it redirects you to   And other cool commands that I won't reveal here >-]

Other useless features I have are:

  • Lots of autoresponses (that you can disable by adding "{shut up, hitomi}" to the channel description)
  • All commands with args will ignore discord invites and mentions
  • Multiple global prefixes! You can use the one you like the most
  • All commands support vaporwave text!
  • Open to suggestions! (hi!feedback)