Dissonance #6583

Added: 9 months ago
Updated: 7 months ago
Created by: nathan#1119
Prefix: $

Multi-purpose bot with Music, NSFW, Games, and Much More!

Music Fun Moderation Meme Utility Multipurpose

Multi-purpose bot with over 75 commands. Features Include:

  • TicTacToe, Hangman, and Random challenges, along with a Point system
  • Music Player, with looping, shuffle, and autoplay
  • Admin system including ban, kick, mute, purge, warn, logging, and welcome/farewell
  • Utility commands such as User Info, Avatar, Server Info
  • Information services like Weather, Forecast, and Movie Ratings
  • Fun commands such as Match, Jokes, 8Ball, Dice, Memes, Reddit, and much more
  • NSFW including Ahegao, Lewd, Neko, Rule34, E621, and Boobs/Butts
  • Much more commands to discover

See all commands on our Website: https://www.dissonancebot.tk

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