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Prefix: vi!
Created by: Twilight Sparkle#9766
Welcome to VincyBOT! Enjoy :3 !!

-Use the category below to show help commands:

[ UTILITY ] vi!Botinfo - Show my bot status vi!Userinfo - Show your user status vi!Serverinfo - Show the server status vi!Invbot - Invite my bot from your server vi!Invite - Invite to join my server vi!Ping - Check Ping status on my Bot vi!Guild - Check my BOT for servers.

[ MODERATION ] vi!Kick - Kick a user! vi!Ban - Ban a user! vi!Mute - Mute a user! vi!Clear - Clear the message vi!Purge - Same.. Clear the message lol vi!Unban - You can unban some user was banned. vi!Logs - Show the Log to set up. vi!Clear - Clear the Messages.

[ FUN ] vi!Hug - Hug some user when you want. vi!Slap - Slap a user! UwU vi!Kiss - Kiss a user! ^//3//^ vi!Healing - Healing a user to hear Zelda vi!Math - Start the mathematic from Baldi! vi!Coinflip - Flip a coin! (Head or Tails) vi!Invert - You can invert some user to show the Image in Negative vi!Meter - A meter when you rate it.

[ MUSIC ] vi!Play - Playing a music bot on vocal vi!Loop - Loop when playing vi!Stop - Stop an music! vi!Queue - Show the Music vi!Resume - When pause an music, resume vi!Pause - Pause a music vi!Skip - Skip a music! vi!Volume - You can change the Volume of music vi!NP - Show Nowplaying on the music

[ OTHER COMMANDS ] vi!Donate - Donate my BOT vi!Vote - Vote my BOT