Wellness #5654

Added: a month ago
Updated: 8 days ago
Created by: Cloud#2019
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Wellness is a discord bot that aims to help improve moods by serving images and providing various exercises.


Wellness is a lightweight discord bot that aims to help improve moods by serving positive images, distractions and exercises. It gets frequent updates, and continually receives new features. Something frustrating about it, or something you want to see added? Just use the feedback command to send feedback back to me.

Permissions: Wellness requires some permissions to work correctly:

  • Read & Send Messages: This should be fairly obvious - Wellness needs to be able to read commands and send them back at users.
  • Embed Links: Wellness needs to embed picture links in order to display cat and dog images. Without this ability, cat and dog image commands won't work properly.
  • Attach Files: Wellness needs to attach audio files in order to send responses to the audio command. Without this ability, the audio command won't work properly.
  • (Recommended) Manage Messages: Wellness automatically removes the user's command message when it executes a command (for example, it removes the ".cat" or ".dog" messages to clean up the chat). It's recommended to have this permission enabled, but not necessary.