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Aaptaha Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the full list of Frequently Asked Questions for the Aaptaha Discord Bot with this guide. Easily navigate through the FAQs and find the perfect answer to your needs.

Aaptaha caters to general Discord audience with an Indian tinge and languages.

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Does this bot sell my data or mine my messages?


What are languages supported by Aaptaha?

English and हिन्दी. More Indian languages will hopefully come later, more so if there will be volunteers (the process of translating just to Hindi has been enough load on the sole developer along with actual development work).

Is there a premium / are any commands pay-to-use?

No, there are no premium features as of now. Everything is accessible for free. Aaptaha was made as a hobby project, so people using my work is an acceptance of my skills. In the off-chance that premium is introduced, it won’t be like MEE6.

I want my attachments to be sent at the end of debate!

That is currently not possible due to technical limitations, upload limits, and potentially legal ramifications. Maybe it will be looked at in the future.

A mod trolled me by threating to ban, and then cancelled!


How can I contribute? Where can I get news?

Join Meta server. Use @@about to get invite link.