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Activmod Is a Moderation bot with some fun commands like meme , cat , dog

ActivMod Commands
Bot Commands
info - Shows the bot information. serverinfo - Shows the discord servers information. userinfo - Shows your userinfo or someone eles if you mention them. roleinfo - Shows the role information. uptime - Shows the bot uptime. ping - Shows the ms of the bot. discord - Join the support server. invite - Invite the bot to your server.
Feedback Commands
feedback - Send us a feedback on what is good about the bot or the team. suggestion - Send us a suggestion on what we could improve on. bug - Send us a report-bug on what there is need to fix on the bot.
Moderation Commands
ban - Mention the user you wish to ban. kick - Mention the user you wish to kick. mute - Mention the user you wish to mute. unmute - Mention the user you wish to unmute. softban - Mention the user you wish to softban and add how many days. unban - Make sure to grab the user’s discord ID to unban them. purge - Purges messages make sure you tell it how much. (1-100) poll - Makes polls that the community can vote on. say - *say {channel name} and the message you want to send.
Music Commands
play - Plays with a YouTube URL or the song name. search - Search your favourite songs and play them all. (song name) pause - Pauses the current song for you. skip - Skips to the next song in queue for you. queue - Shows you the next songs in queue. resume - Resumes the song that is in queue. leave - Bot leaves the voice channel. volume - Chanage the volume between 1-100.
Fun Commands
meme - Finds a meme from the meme API. 8ball - Ask the bot most silly questions in the world and have __Fun gif - Find a gif from GIPHY. joke - Bot makes a random joke. geekjoke - Makes a random geekjoke. weather - Put a location and it will tell you the weather. slots - You can play slots like a slot manchine. dog - Pulls up a cute dog pictures. cat - Pulls up a cute cat pictures. fox - Pulls up a fox picture. panda - Pulls up a panda picture. redpanda - Shows a redpanda pictures. bird - Shows a bird picture. koala - Shows a koala picture.
Administrator Commands
setup - Run setup command and it makes the mod-log channel.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.