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A fun bot with moderations, minigames, and more!
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Moderation commands:

  • Ban, bans a user
  • Setprefix, changes the server prefix
  • Clear, clears a certain amount of messages


  • Fight, fight another user. Choose whether to heal or attack. Once one user has 0 health, the winner is determined
  • Guess, guess a random number in a personally choosen range and number of guesses. Score is determined by number of guesses used

Fun commands:

  • dog, sends a random picture of a dog
  • fox, sends a random picture of a fox
  • fakeban, sends a fake ban message of whatever user you want to “ban”
  • echo, echos whatever you say
  • cloud, sends a cloud version of your message
  • eightball, tells your future
  • ship, gives you and another user’s ship name
  • pokemon, sends a random gen one pokemon. Type catch for a 2/3 chance of catching

Utility commands:

  • help, sends help menu
  • donate, sends the patreon
  • ping, gives the ping
  • prefix, gives the server prefix
  • giveaway, starts a giveaway
  • poll, starts a poll

More features will be added in the future

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.