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A discord moderation bot built around customization.

All Seeing Bot

How it works

Every message counts as one offense, unless it has one of five types of content:

  1. Banned words (all set by the admins, NO WORD IS AUTOMATICALLY BANNED
  2. Discord invite link (I’ll add a way to disable that btw)
  3. Hs more emojis than the server limit (a default of thirty)
  4. Has more mentions than allowed (a default of 5)
  5. Is a spam message (Any phrase repeats x amount of times, a default of 10)

In the case it is one of those types of content, then it counts as an additional offense, that lasts for twice the duration. Every offense expires after a set amount of time (a default of five seconds). If a user has over a set amount of offenses (a default of five), they are muted for a set amount of time (a default of five minutes).

Coming Soon

Many more features coming soon, including:

  • A website as a dashboard
  • More commands
  • Many behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Custom commands
  • Optional Starboard bot
  • Checks that are even better
    And More!!!


Anti-Mute evasion. (If a user is muted, and re-joins the server, the muted role is automatically added again, unless the duration of the mute has ended.)

Mod Mail, with multi-server support.

Banned words and reactions.

Detects bypassing methods (for word bans). I have yet to see a bypassing method that works.

Highly customizable: Almost every setting is customizable. (Oh and trusted role command toggling is gonna be a thing, I am waiting for the website to have a GUI for it.)

Comments or suggestions? Email [email protected] for your suggestion to be heard.
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