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Prefix: *
Created by: !Adarsh#4444
Short link: discord.ly/amelia
Music command support Spotify , youtube , SoundCloud and many more ●soundboard●leveling●fun●meme●coustmize profile●many singal and multi player games
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Amelia is a brand new discord bot that is made to cover everything in your server. From moderation, to a currency system, music, and even fun games. Invite the bot to your server to get started.

Bot global prefix is * For Help Related To A Particular Command Type - *help [command name | alias]

Economy [21] - addmoney, balance ,beg ,buy, daily, deposit, fish, leaderboard, pay, profile, removemoney, rob, roulette, sell, setbackground ,setinfo, slots, store, weekly, withdraw, work,

Fun [9] - coinflip, meme ,motivation, roast, say ,soundboard ,tts

Games [12] - akinator ,blackjack ,connectfour, duelquiz, gunfight, horserace, memory ,poker, rps, russianroulette, tictactoe, trivia

Image [17] - avatar ,avatarfusion, captcha ,clyde ,facepalm ,fire, gif ,jail ,love ,mission, phcomment, rip ,scary ,tobecontinued, triggered ,tweet ,wasted

Info [16] - channelinfo, help ,invites,i nvite ,level ,ping ,poll ,roleinfo, rolememberinfo ,serverinfo, uptime ,weather ,whois ,wikipedia

Moderation [22] - addrole, ban ,disablemodlogchannel ,disablemuterole, disableverification ,disablewelcomechannel, disablexp, kick ,mute, purge ,removerole ,setmodlogchannel, setmuterole, setnick ,setprefix ,setverification, setwelcomechannel, setxp, unban, unmute, verify ,warn

Music [19] - join ,leave, loop, lyrics, musictrivia ,nowplaying, pause ,play ,queue, remove ,resume, search ,shuffle ,skip, skipall ,skipto, stop, stopmusictrivia, volume

Owner [3] - eval ,getinvite, serverlist

Phone [4] - hangup ,phonebook, phonecall ,setphonechannel