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Servers: unknown
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Upvotes this month: 82
Prefix: *
Created by: Adarsh#4444
Short link: discord.ly/amelia
This is a moderator bot with music ,meme , games ,leveling,fun , phone call system by which a server member communicate with other server
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Amelia is a brand new discord bot that is made to cover everything in your server. From moderation, to a currency system, music, and even fun games. Invite the bot to your server to get started. Amelia will be the only bot you will ever need, as it has absolutely every command imaginable at 24/7 always online. Add this bot to your server and type *help and check dm send by bot to see all available commands! Enjoy!

Bot global prefix is * For Help Related To A Particular Command Type - *help [command name | alias]

Economy [21] - addmoney, balance ,beg ,buy, daily, deposit, fish, leaderboard, pay, profile, removemoney, rob, roulette, sell, setbackground ,setinfo, slots, store, weekly, withdraw, work,

Fun [9] - coinflip, meme ,motivation, roast, say ,soundboard ,tts

Games [12] - akinator ,blackjack ,connectfour, duelquiz, gunfight, horserace, memory ,poker, rps, russianroulette, tictactoe, trivia

Image [17] - avatar ,avatarfusion, captcha ,clyde ,facepalm ,fire, gif ,jail ,love ,mission, phcomment, rip ,scary ,tobecontinued, triggered ,tweet ,wasted

Info [16] - channelinfo, help ,invites,i nvite ,level ,ping ,poll ,roleinfo, rolememberinfo ,serverinfo, uptime ,weather ,whois ,wikipedia

Moderation [22] - addrole, ban ,disablemodlogchannel ,disablemuterole, disableverification ,disablewelcomechannel, disablexp, kick ,mute, purge ,removerole ,setmodlogchannel, setmuterole, setnick ,setprefix ,setverification, setwelcomechannel, setxp, unban, unmute, verify ,warn

Music [19] - join ,leave, loop, lyrics, musictrivia ,nowplaying, pause ,play ,queue, remove ,resume, search ,shuffle ,skip, skipall ,skipto, stop, stopmusictrivia, volume

Owner [3] - eval ,getinvite, serverlist

Phone [4] - hangup ,phonebook, phonecall ,setphonechannel