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Amusement Club is a global card collecting and trading game with your favorite characters.

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Get started by inviting bot to your Discord server OR joining Amusement Cafe and trying out the bot yourself. If you decide to invite, check out our guide on first time setup.

Start with daily

You can use ->daily every 20 hours. This will reset your claim cost and give you quest(s). For your first daily you will get a bot profile and stats in current guild (server where you run the command). Check yourself out with ->profile!

To get cards use ->claim. You can specify how many cards you want by adding a number (e.g. ->claim 4 for 4 cards). Be careful because claim price grows with every new card so keep track of your ->balance which will indicate how much your current claim is. To reset your claim cost you would need to use ->daily.

Don’t forget to get more tomatoes by completing your ->quests!

See your cards

You can list your cards using ->cards (or ->ls). This command accepts a whole query that can fetch and sort cards however you want. For example, if you want to see your 3-star cards from Touhou, you would use ->cards -touhou -3. For more information about card query check out this page or type ->help query.

Summon your card for everyone to see using ->summon [query] (or ->sum [query]). You can specify the same card query except this time bot will select one best matching card. To get more information about this card use ->info [query].

Add the cards you like to you favourites using ->fav [query]. You can see your favourite card list with ->cards -fav.

You can also check the list of cards that you are missing with ->miss [query] or see the global list with ->ls global [query].

Trade with others

What makes the bot Amusing is that you can trade cards with other players. Card prices are set by bot, you can check them out using ->eval [query]. To sell card to someone you need to use ->sell [query] @user and they have to accept it. You can also sell cards to bot for a reduced price using ->sell [query].

If you cannot find anyone who would buy your exclusive cards, you can always put them on Auction. Use ->auc sell [query] :[amount] or just ->auc sell [query] where bot will set a base price as card’s Eval. Check your auctions with ->auc -me. Check other auctions with ->auc [query]. Amusement Club Auction is based on Vickrey auction model. For more information about auction check out this page.

Follow the rules

Please read bot rules here. Administration has special tools that help us analyze your activity and that information can be used to embargo or even ban you.

Get your help from the bot

If you need help but you don’t want to leave Discord, you can always use ->help [command]. Bot will send you a Direct Message with details about the specified command.

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.