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STOP SPAMMERS AND SCAMMERS! Start using me today! I generate temporary emails that can be used to verify accounts!

Anonymous Email stops spammers and scammers from reaching your inbox! Do !!start to get your email! Did you get a lot of scam emails? Keep your bot email clean too! Do !!change to change your email! !!inbox to get your inbox! !!email (email number) to view email contents!! Did you just meet a random stranger online asking for your email? Use this bot to generate an email!

Make sure to read the bot’s tos and privacy policy in the support server! All your emails are deleted after 3 days! That’s why it’s called a temporary email! The emails you received are CONFIDENTIAL. Only you can see it! Except the support team can see it if they have reasonable suspicion that you are misusing the bot.

Made by Magical Cat#1172!

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