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AntiRaid. The unique and advanced system providing you with effortless security.
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Anti Raid. A unique and advanced system providing you with effortless security.

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With thousands of lines of code and cutting edge message searching algorithms all forming an intelligent system with powerful capabilities, Anti Raid is a complete and innovative creation in its entirety and now the total solution to raids and security is a few clicks away. The system that serves ultimate security and comfort. Unique in it’s kind, Anti Raid is an essential of any server. By adding it, you enable an automatic upgrade for the security, the safety and the wellbeing of the community and Discord. Anti Raid prepares you for an era of being able to focus on what really matters.

Automatic slowmode, integrated message similarity detection, and the completely automated blacklist system. The future of your server could be bright. The game has changed. The time of security and safety together with powerful and advanced technologies is here.

Your server’s future is waiting. And now is the time to take advantage, don’t miss it.

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