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Full Apple Pie Bot guide, with invite link to add to your server, along with Moderation commands and any Discord bot upvote rewards.

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Apple Pie Discord Bot Described:

Sweet sweet pie, everyone can get a slice! A discord bot that uses discordjs library with many functionalities!

Hello there, my name is Apple Pie!

  • I am a new bot that uses the discordjs library to work, that’s nice isn’t it?

  • My main functionalities can be found using the -help command (Or bellow)

  • I can do many things! Want to try?

  • I am at active development, and even if no one uses me, I’ll do my best to get someone to like me!

  • I hope I can make you smile, my dev is working very hard to code me! If you find any translation error, please tell me in the support server.

  • Sure I don’t have much to tell you about me, but… I’m sure that I can make you happy!

  • None

These are my commands:
  • _setlanguage = Changes the bot language (EN-US e PT-BR) (set a language using -setlanguage english or -setlanguage portugues)
Please, run this command when the bot joins your guild, or it's going to send 'undefined' messages in the commands.
  • _dev-c = Contacts the dev without joining the support server. Use this properly. You can get blacklisted if you send a troll report
  • _convite = Invite me to your server!
  • _avatar = Shows the mentioned user or your own avatar
  • _ping = My ping and the API ping
  • _botinfo = Shows some information about me!
  • _userinfo = Shows info about someone from THIS server
  • _github = My github page!
  • _weather = Shows the weather of a State/City
  • _ban = Bans the mentioned user
  • _unban = Unbans the user with the user’s ID
  • _kick = Kicks the mentioned user
  • _mute = Mutes a member
  • _unmute = Unmutes the mentioned user
  • _slowmode = Adds Slowmode to the entire server / To remove, just do it again with a 0 as the time
  • _lock = Good against raids, locks every chat in the server
  • _unlock = Unlocks every chat in the server
Fun Commands:
  • _dice = Rolls a 26 side dice!
  • _rps = Rock Paper and Scissors!
  • _kiss = Kiss someone
  • _hug = Hugs someone
  • _slap = Slaps someone you dislike
  • _pat = Headpats someone you likes
  • _coin = Toss a Coin!
  • _snakegame = The famous and old “SnakeGame” now on your Discord!
    The SnakeGame is in beta, it might not work as it should sometimes!

(I’m planning on adding more things in here!)

  • _sgw = Welcome message with a gif when someone enters the server

  • _rgw = Removes the welcome message from your server

  • _setlft = Sends a embeded message with a gif when someone leaves the server

  • _rlft = Removes the embeded message that is sent when someone leaves the server

  • Here’s a mini-guide on how to use it: Click here (I strongly recommend you read it.)

  • _changemymind = Literally changes your mind
  • _trigger = Are you triggered, eh?
  • _ytb = A youtube comment that the bot found in some strange places
Music Commands:
  • _music-help = That lists all the commands below
  • _play = Use this to play music, either with a link or music name
  • _skip = This skips your current music.
  • _loop = This loops your current music.
  • _queue = That gives you the current queue.
  • _np = Now Playing command, shows the music that is playing now
  • _filter = Adds a filter to the music
  • _filter-help = Shows the supported filters
  • _pause = Pauses your music
  • _resume = Resumes your music
  • _shuffle = Shuffles your music
  • _imagerepo = If you want to know where my images come from

And once you are awake; you shall remain awake eternally. ― Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Check out the home page for the full Discord Bot List.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add Apple Pie Discord Bot to my server?

You can add Apple Pie to your Discord Server by pressing 'Add Apple Pie Discord Bot' on this page.

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