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Free to use Discord application bot made for the easiest configuration! Complete logging, unlimited questions and unlimited applications
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Appy - The best free to use Discord application bot

Unique panels

Appy allows your users to easily navigate through the applications you have made. They can use these panels to easily select an application to fill out.

Application panels

Dashboard 🟒

Appy has a brand new Dashboard that allows you to create, edit and delete applications. To get started visit here

Once you have created an application on the dashboard, members in your server can use /apply to fill the application out!


All of the configuration you could ask for…


Applications βœ‰

Appy allows for so much customization, give roles on acception/denial of an application, customise your messages, ping staff roles when an application is made and much much more!

/apply <applicationName> - Allows the user to apply for a specific application in your server!

/setup - Allows you to setup a new application

/delete - Allows you to delete an application which you have made.

/applications - Lists all of the application forms in your guild.

/application_panel - Allows you to create a panel that users can use to apply for specific applications without typing commands

Application management πŸ”¨

Accept and deny applications!



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